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2016 Missouri Hunger Atlas Shows Worsening Situation

Report finds that nearly 1 million Missourians have faced food insecurity

April 27, 2016

The 2016 Missouri Hunger Atlas, issued by the University of Missouri’s Interdisciplinary Center for Food Security, reports nearly 1 million Missourians faced food insecurity or the worry about not having enough food. This means nearly one in six individuals lacked adequate access to food, with the most vulnerable populations including children and the elderly.  Full Story
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Race and Gender May Not Affect Employer Interest in Resumes

New research finds little evidence of discrimination at the resume review stage of job application process

April 26, 2016

In 2004, research found that resumes submitted by people with distinctly sounding African-American names were less likely to get callbacks regarding the job. Now, new research from the University of Missouri finds no evidence of employer preferences for applicants from a particular race or gender at the initial stage of the hiring process. In re-visiting the question of how job applicants’ race and gender affect employer interest in their resumes, Cory Koedel, an associate professor of economics and public policy in the MU College of Arts and Science and Truman School of Public Affairs, analyzed employer response rates to resumes that were assigned randomly selected names.  Full Story
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