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The News Bureau is the media relations office for the University of Missouri. The Office of the Registrar provides the information for the Deans' and Graduation Lists, which the News Bureau posts on our web site and sends to media. If you have any questions or concerns about the accuracy of the list, please contact your school or college. MU's schools and colleges.


  • Noelle Elizabeth Buhidar, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Jordan Thomas Vandenberge, Freshman, College of Arts and Science


  • Evander Ja Hood, Sophomore, College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources


  • Bradley Stevenson Daniel, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • Breanna Nicole Holman, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Andrew James Lynch, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Joel David Martin, Senior, College of Engineering
  • Chelsey Lynn McMahon, Junior, School of Nursing
  • Katherine Elizabeth Odonnell, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Phoebe Wu, Sophomore, School of Journalism


  • Julie Ann Dobbs, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Christopher Demetrios George, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Nathan Gregory Hurst, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Hillary Rose Robinson, Junior, College of Arts and Science
  • David Andrew Thiessen, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Allison Marie Tischler, Junior, School of Journalism


  • Brandy Nicole Tunmire, Senior, College of Arts and Science


  • Ryan Andrew Gladstone, Senior, School of Journalism


  • Warren Hunter Robinson, Senior, College of Arts and Science


  • Lauren Elizabeth Delaney, Senior, College of Arts and Science


  • Megan Elizabeth Kinkade, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Katherine Elise Vicari, Freshman, School of Journalism

College Station

  • Matthew Thomas Davis, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Dana Diane Lackey, Junior, College of Arts and Science
  • Nathan Brant Scott, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Stephen Vincent Smith, Senior, College of Arts and Science


  • Allison Brittany Mack, Senior, College of Education
  • Christina Jane Millweard, Freshman, School of Journalism


  • John William Conner, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Ashley Marie Maddocks, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Lauren Elizabeth Rausch, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Gregory Hanes Tepper, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Sarah K Wilson, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science


  • Anne McKay Baxter, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Kathleen Austin Blakeney, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Sarah M Blaskovich, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Mary Catherine Burford, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Elizabeth Ryland Devero, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Brian Randolph Eason, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Lindsey S Eckhouse, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • Julia Anne Frasco, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Brandi Victoria Gillespie, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Jennifer Nicole Hanley, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Hannah Claire Hardage, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Leslie Kristine Horn, Freshman, School of Journalism
  • Lindsay Carol Manigold, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Katelyn Joan McKenzie, Freshman, College of Business
  • Laura Danielle Petersen, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Melissa Lynne Porlier, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • Michael Andrew Primeaux, Freshman, College of Business
  • Rebecca Jean Purdy, Sophomore, College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
  • Katherine Lewis Raymond, Freshman, School of Nursing
  • Michael J Rosenhouse, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Andrew Emory Smith, Freshman, School of Health Professions
  • Casey G Smith, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Blake Matthew Solomon, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Lindsay Michelle Toler, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Robert Brice Tomlinson, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Sarah Leann Tunell, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Michael Robert Unger, Senior, College of Engineering
  • Anna Elizabeth Zapata, Freshman, College of Arts and Science


  • Kyle Andrew Luke, Freshman, College of Arts and Science

Dripping Springs

  • Kaitlin Alexandra Ballard, Junior, School of Journalism


  • Dolores Marcella Obregon, Freshman, School of Journalism


  • Kelvin Urday, Junior, College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Flower Mound

  • Virginia C Boutwell, Freshman, College of Arts and Science

Fort Worth

  • Kelsey Hedberg George, Freshman, School of Nursing
  • Monica Anne Germinario, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Molly Patricia Obermeier, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Ethan Zachary Shlachter, Sophomore, School of Journalism


  • Mallory MacMillan Gebbie, Freshman, College of Arts and Science

Ft. Worth

  • Ryan Colley Taylor, Freshman, College of Arts and Science


  • Rachel Elizabeth Bryan, Junior, College of Arts and Science
  • Samantha Lee Harmon, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Sarah E McKay, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • Kaci L'frances Whitby, Freshman, College of Education


  • Elizabeth Ann Bishop, Senior, College of Arts and Science


  • Alyse Marie Fracas, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Sheena Marie Martin, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Lisa Denise Russell, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Kimberly Erin Swindell, Senior, College of Education
  • Jessica Laine Tomberlin, Senior, School of Journalism


  • Teresa Brooks, Senior, College of Human Environmental Sciences
  • Lauren N Gray, Senior, College of Arts and Science

Highland Village

  • Meaghan Christina Brougher, Freshman, College of Business
  • Allison Lee Cooke, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Alyson Jaclyn Myles, Freshman, College of Arts and Science


  • Chase Andrew Clettenberg, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Michael Jeffrey Cohen, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Conroy Marcus Delouche, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Jean Scott Dodd, Freshman, School of Journalism
  • Caroline MacDonald Gallay, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Erika Nicole Harrison, Junior, College of Arts and Science
  • Amanda Kelly Hoffman, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Kara Ann Lunsford, Junior, School of Nursing
  • Kimberly Nan Painter, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Sarah Margaret Panuska, Junior, College of Arts and Science
  • Sarah Katherine Payne, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Lyndy Yossundharakul, Senior, School of Journalism


  • Alicia Loraine Pardee, Junior, School of Journalism


  • Melissa Mary Evans, Freshman, College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources


  • Morgan Faye Gonzales, Freshman, College of Arts and Science


  • Sophia Sunita Beausoleil, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Justin Ryan Redeker, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Tracy M Sterling, Junior, College of Education
  • Katherine B Tepper, Sophomore, College of Engineering


  • Aaron Bonifield, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Zach Witter Childers, Senior, College of Arts and Science


  • Bradley Alan Johnson, Junior, College of Arts and Science


  • Tina Marie Macias, Junior, School of Journalism

League City

  • Cory Glenn Stottlemyer, Freshman, School of Journalism


  • Lauren Marie Palandro, Sophomore, School of Journalism


  • Erin R Castle, Senior, College of Arts and Science


  • Cody Winters Cervantes, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • Amanda Marie Gramlich, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • Laura Jane Merritt, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Robert Joseph Rund, Senior, College of Business
  • Claire Therese Scioneaux, Senior, College of Education
  • Cody Silverglat, Senior, School of Journalism


  • Alyssa Rae Hollins, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Brittany Ashten Kimbrough, Junior, School of Journalism


  • Jillian Suzanne Granger, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science

Missouri City

  • Colleen Elizabeth Gordon, Freshman, School of Nursing

North Richland Hills

  • Tommie L Powers, Junior, College of Education


  • Samantha Valentine Sublett, Senior, College of Engineering


  • Meredith McKenzie Adams, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Kristin Rose Arena, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Jennifer Lauren Beaudine, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Scott Allen Blackington, Sophomore, College of Business
  • Andrew S Blaquiere, Junior, College of Engineering
  • Kyle Daniel Burk, Junior, College of Engineering
  • Candice Loren Crawford, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Christine Marie Fillmore, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Emily Lynne Goldstein, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Amanda C Gorecki, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Laura Elizabeth Grossman, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Alyson C Hall, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Lauren Ashley Huber, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Natalie Ann Johnston, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Alexandra Lee McGuffie, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Karen Nicole Ostergren, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Brittany Lynn Pieper, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Sarah Jane Raish, Junior, School of Nursing
  • Jennifer Michelle Reist, Sophomore, College of Human Environmental Sciences
  • Molly Anne Richardson, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Joshua David Scheer, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Catherine Anna Schneider, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Kelly Ann Snyder, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • Trevor G Toland, Junior, College of Engineering
  • Joseph Gorman Welsch, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Angela Ching Yang, Senior, School of Journalism


  • Caitlin Lee Ammann, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Tara Kathleen Smutz, Junior, School of Journalism


  • Sara Trina Bodenhamer, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science

San Antonio

  • Anne Eileen Getsinger, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Andrew Wade Guthrie, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Margaret Ann Joslyn, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Natalie Marie Lozano, Sophomore, School of Health Professions
  • Kimberly Michelle Massaro, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • James R Russell, Senior, College of Business
  • Michael Owen Spencer, Freshman, College of Arts and Science


  • Hannah Caroline St Denis, Junior, School of Journalism


  • Pamela R Cohen, Junior, School of Journalism
  • William Chase Daniel, Sophomore, College of Business
  • Casey Meredith Phillips, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Michael Armand Prince, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Mark Anthony Stanley, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Allan Dale Thompson, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Anne Marie Vegors, Junior, College of Arts and Science
  • Taylor Renee Walker, Freshman, College of Arts and Science


  • Elliott Matson Cade, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Kirsten Mary David, Sophomore, College of Human Environmental Sciences
  • Maria Fernanda Lorenzo, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Maxine Rachel Springer, Senior, School of Journalism

Sugar Land

  • Paige A Fredrickson, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Jacob Charles Hoffmann, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Emily Alice Phillips, Senior, College of Human Environmental Sciences


  • Emily Faye Matthews, Senior, School of Journalism

The Woodlands

  • Kathleen Marie Gates, Junior, College of Arts and Science
  • Jennifer Violet Herseim, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Gwendolyn Mae Ragno, Freshman, School of Journalism
  • Michael R Taylor, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Jose Alejandro Vergara, Sophomore, School of Journalism

Enrollment or Degree information for a University of Missouri student or alumni can be verified by contacting the National Student Clearinghouse at (703) 742-4200. Please note: Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, the University of Missouri cannot release confidential information from a student's academic record to anyone without the student's written permission (certain exceptions are noted here).