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The News Bureau is the media relations office for the University of Missouri. The Office of the Registrar provides the information for the Deans' and Graduation Lists, which the News Bureau posts on our web site and sends to media. If you have any questions or concerns about the accuracy of the list, please contact your school or college. MU's schools and colleges.


  • Miranda Renee Petty, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science

Dverland Park

  • Noelle Khaled Al-Khashti, Sophomore, School of Health Professions


  • Tessa Rose Waters, Senior, College of Arts and Science

Gardon City

  • Michael John Banning, Senior, School of Health Professions


  • Marissa J Scott, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science

Junction City

  • Shradha Rajbhandari, Junior, College of Arts and Science

Kansas City

  • Brianne Patricse Black, Senior, School of Nursing
  • Brandon Keith Jordan, Senior, College of Business
  • Natasha Marie Madlock, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • Enjoli L Sims, Senior, College of Education


  • Kami O Fadare, Senior, School of Health Professions
  • Elizabeth Ann Studnicka, Junior, College of Arts and Science


  • Laura Donnelly Parkinson, Sophomore, School of Journalism


  • Vince Archibald Demarest, Senior, College of Arts and Science


  • Sameera Ali, Junior, College of Arts and Science
  • Emily Karigan Best, Senior, School of Nursing
  • Adam Richard Bien, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • Caroline Elizabeth Bien, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Emily Marie Bruhn, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Madison Marie Christianer, Sophomore, College of Human Environmental Sciences
  • Emily Nicole Clark, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • Courtney Lynne Daly, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Laura Ann Donnelly, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • Emily Jane Ferner, Senior, College of Engineering
  • Erin Kay Fischer, Freshman, College of Human Environmental Sciences
  • Julia Elizabeth Frankel, Junior, College of Arts and Science
  • David Michael Gill, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Katherine Ann Gleeson, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Holly Marlaina Hartong, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Monique Lavonia Lee, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • Tyler B McCormick, Senior, College of Business
  • Hannah Marie Miller, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • Scott E Morris, Senior, College of Engineering
  • Sarah Jane Orscheln, Junior, College of Arts and Science
  • Katherine Lee Roberson, Junior, School of Nursing
  • Caroline S Scherer, Senior, College of Human Environmental Sciences
  • Amy Diane Thompson, Junior, College of Arts and Science
  • Marianne Elizabeth Thompson, Senior, College of Human Environmental Sciences
  • Clayton Wood, Senior, College of Arts and Science


  • Sarah Lauren Brenton, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Elizabeth Elaine Eppright, Junior, College of Arts and Science
  • Thomas Alan McDermott, Sophomore, College of Business
  • Regan Helen McTarsney, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Gabrielle Jeanne Roman, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science


  • Ned Keyuravong, Senior, College of Engineering


  • Matthew Francis Bellassai, Senior, College of Engineering
  • Megan Casey, Senior, College of Business
  • Douglas William Link, Junior, College of Engineering
  • Taylor Martin Swartz, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Polina Vladimir Yamshchikov, Freshman, School of Journalism

Overland Park

  • Andrew Christopher Beisser, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • Jeffrey Steven Birnbaum, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Brooke Catherine Boehmer, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Robert Edward Brandt, Senior, College of Business
  • Thomas Watson Brandt, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Paul Robert Byrne, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Anna Christina Comstock, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Caitlin Marie Dawdy, Sophomore, School of Health Professions
  • Rebecca Marie Delaney, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Erin Elizabeth Dunleavy, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • Brianna Elizabeth Dunn, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Samantha Nicole Ellison, Sophomore, College of Business
  • Andrew Scott Fountain, Sophomore, College of Business
  • Rachael Michele Galvin, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Andrew Hunt Gibbs, Junior, College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
  • Leeann Marie Gipple, Sophomore, College of Business
  • Heather Puamohala Grayson, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Erin Alice Hesler, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Niels Christian Holbrook, Senior, College of Engineering
  • Camry Tonetta Ivory, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • Max Gerald Jaben, Junior, College of Arts and Science
  • Stacey E Jarrett, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Callom Bohannan Jones, Senior, College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
  • Alexis Nicole Kling, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Kathryn Marie Liljegren, Senior, College of Business
  • Tyler R Mentel, Senior, College of Engineering
  • Carlye Paige Merryfield, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Margaret Lauren Meyer, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Meredith Anne Miller, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Jonathan Michael Morrand, Junior, College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
  • Rose Elaine Pener, Senior, College of Human Environmental Sciences
  • Daniel B Rafiner, Senior, College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
  • Sarah E Reedy, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Emily Ruth Roxberg, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Ian McBride Smith, Sophomore, College of Business
  • Sarah Hannah Smithies, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Reshad Samih Staitieh, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • Lacey Renee Talley, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Shannan Brianne Tucker, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Cathryn T Vaughn, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Julia F Wald, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Linda Gui Waterborg, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Amy Elizabeth Weldon, Sophomore, College of Human Environmental Sciences
  • Melissa Marie Williams, Junior, College of Arts and Science
  • Mary Elizabeth Wolfe, Freshman, School of Journalism
  • Jeffrey James Wolfert, Junior, College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
  • Jamie Lee Wolverton, Senior, School of Health Professions


  • Drew A Robbins, Senior, College of Business

Prairie Village

  • Sean Patrick Finley, Sophomore, College of Engineering
  • Victoria Reese Launder, Freshman, College of Arts and Science
  • Joshua Matthew Marr, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • Alana Nicole Mason, Senior, College of Human Environmental Sciences

Rose Hill

  • Ashley Ann Houk, Senior, School of Nursing


  • Ryan Fitzpatrick Downey, Junior, College of Business
  • Andrea Jean Gaddis, Junior, College of Arts and Science
  • Kourtney Aline Geers, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Paul David Lampe, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Samuel McGriff III, Senior, College of Human Environmental Sciences
  • Emily Ann Pringle, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • Sharma Catherine Prosser, Sophomore, School of Nursing
  • Brittany J Weaver, Junior, College of Education


  • Amy Lynn Ogden, Senior, School of Journalism


  • Syed Adil Shabbir, Junior, School of Journalism


  • Geoffrey Brandon Maddox, Senior, College of Arts and Science


  • Elizabeth Ann Bainbridge, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Geralyn Janea Berry, Sophomore, School of Journalism
  • Heather A Dick, Senior, College of Arts and Science
  • Stephanie L Diffin, Senior, School of Journalism
  • Whitley Michelle Diffin, Freshman, School of Journalism
  • Benjamin Jacob Dillon, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Andrea C Harding, Senior, School of Nursing
  • Rebekah A Heil, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Aneel Kumar Jiwanlal, Sophomore, College of Arts and Science
  • Sarah Jean Krehbiel, Freshman, College of Engineering
  • Rachel Marie Reinhardt, Junior, School of Journalism
  • Jessica Anne Thomas, Senior, School of Journalism


  • Luke Gregory Thompson, Junior, School of Journalism

Enrollment or Degree information for a University of Missouri student or alumni can be verified by contacting the National Student Clearinghouse at (703) 742-4200. Please note: Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, the University of Missouri cannot release confidential information from a student's academic record to anyone without the student's written permission (certain exceptions are noted here).