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The News Bureau is the media relations office for the University of Missouri. The Office of the Registrar provides the information for the Deans' and Graduation Lists, which the News Bureau posts on our web site and sends to media. If you have any questions or concerns about the accuracy of the list, please contact your school or college. MU's schools and colleges.


  • Samantha Nicole Marre, Senior, Human Environment Science
  • Caitlyn Louise McGuire, Junior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources
  • Maggie F Spratt, Sophomore, Human Environment Science
  • Amanda Jo Marie Talbot, Junior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources


  • Kimberly Ann Croxville, Senior, Business
  • Brandon M Mallinckrodt, Junior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources

Hawk Point

  • Cierra Marie Duff, Junior, Arts & Science

Moscow Mills

  • Jenna Marie Boessen, Senior, Journalism
  • Frankie Taylor Hawkins, Senior, Arts & Science
  • Jessica R Hoelting, Junior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources
  • Olivia Ashton Hoelting, Senior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources
  • Nicole Katherine Schulte, Senior, Nursing
  • Laura A Sigmund, Sophomore, Journalism
  • Hannah Ashleigh Turnbull, Senior, 
  • Ethan James Vaughn, Sophomore, Health Professions

Old Monroe

  • Mary Catherine Burkemper, Senior, 
  • Hattie Rose Kaimann, Senior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources


  • Taylor Jacob Eisenbath, Sophomore, Agr-Food & Nat Resources
  • Cole William Jost, Senior, Education
  • Brandelyn Renee Martin, Senior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources
  • Brendan Collan Woodall, Senior, Natural Resources


  • Wendy Jolene Benhardt, Junior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources
  • Robert Oliver Dunard, Sophomore, Health Professions
  • Bradley Ware Frantz, Senior, Arts & Science
  • Cassidy Hannah Grant, Junior, Education
  • Savana Katherine Grover, Senior, Business
  • Logan Thomas Jakuboski, Sophomore, Engineering
  • Hunter Ann McCann, Senior, Arts & Science
  • Tristan Oliver McLerran, Senior, Natural Resources
  • Abigail Lynn Mennemeyer, Senior, Business
  • Ashten Marie Meyer, Senior, 
  • Kellianne Marie Mitchell, Senior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources
  • Trenton Joseph Orf, Sophomore, Health Professions
  • Kaylee Ann Padkins, Senior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources
  • Anthony Lee Rapplean, Senior, 
  • Kaitlyn Josephine Rechert, Senior, Nursing
  • Katie June St. Pierre, Junior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources
  • Ryan Steven Sullivan, Sophomore, Business
  • Mitzi Louise Villarico, Junior, Health Professions
  • Michael Adam Werkmeister, Junior, Human Environment Science


  • Emily Rachel Alexander, Senior, 

Enrollment or Degree information for a University of Missouri student or alumni can be verified by contacting the National Student Clearinghouse at (703) 742-4200. Please note: Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, the University of Missouri cannot release confidential information from a student's academic record to anyone without the student's written permission (certain exceptions are noted here).