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The News Bureau is the media relations office for the University of Missouri. The Office of the Registrar provides the information for the Deans' and Graduation Lists, which the News Bureau posts on our web site and sends to media. If you have any questions or concerns about the accuracy of the list, please contact your school or college. MU's schools and colleges.


  • Hannah Deann Barker, Junior, Nursing


  • Jonathan Avery Bouchard, Senior, Arts & Science
  • Shannon Amber Davies, Senior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources


  • Katherine Rylie Boone, Senior, Health Professions
  • Abby Elizabeth Brownfield, Junior, Arts & Science
  • Taylor Lynn Clevenger, Junior, Human Environment Science
  • Nathaniel Cody Cosper, Junior, Health Professions
  • Courtny Allison Cowell, Junior, Arts & Science
  • Ethan O Crane, Sophomore, Journalism
  • Kristin Summer Dunn, Junior, Health Professions
  • William Avery Eck, Senior, 
  • Emily Nichole Endacott, Junior, Education
  • Sophie Elizabeth Endacott, Sophomore, Agr-Food & Nat Resources
  • Carleigh A Forrer, Sophomore, Journalism
  • Raphael Isaiah Freelander, Senior, Business
  • Sarah Elizabeth Gilmer, Sophomore, Arts & Science
  • Austin Scott Harvell, Sophomore, Arts & Science
  • Shannon Leigh Henderson, Senior, Journalism
  • Rose Kristine Huckfeldt, Sophomore, Arts & Science
  • Jennifer Louise Jankovitz, Senior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources
  • Olivia R Mitchell, Sophomore, Health Professions
  • Landon Michael O'Steen, Senior, Health Professions
  • Chandler Todd Osborne, Senior, Arts & Science
  • Claire Elise Papp, Senior, Arts & Science
  • Marissa Ann Ritter, Junior, Health Professions
  • Christina Marie Rodriguez, Sophomore, Business
  • Blake Douglas Sarrazin, Senior, 
  • Maddie Charlene Scheibal, Senior, Nursing
  • Sidney R Steele, Sophomore, Journalism
  • Taylor Scott Stephen, Senior, Business
  • Christian T Thomas, Junior, Nursing


  • Montana Lee Allai, Senior, 
  • Edward Taylor Baugh, Senior, Engineering
  • Lane Allison Burdette, Sophomore, Arts & Science
  • Zachary Robert Burks, Senior, 
  • Hannah E Chaffin, Sophomore, Arts & Science
  • Jennifer Anna Coppinger, Junior, Engineering
  • Claire Jeanette Cowherd, Senior, Health Professions
  • Nathan Geoffrey Daniel, Freshman, Arts & Science
  • Alex Steven Daugherty, Senior, Engineering
  • Chandler Allen Dejonge, Senior, Arts & Science
  • Haleigh Ashton Doss, Senior, 
  • Abigail Lauren Greene, Senior, Journalism
  • Rebecca Leigh Griffeth, Junior, Education
  • William Thomas Hennessey, Senior, 
  • Eden Kathleen Howell, Senior, Journalism
  • Garrison Richard Howell, Sophomore, Business
  • Mackenzie Leigh Huck, Senior, Journalism
  • Chad Michaael Johnson, Junior, Arts & Science
  • Alyssa Alexandra Mickelberg, Senior, 
  • Christopher J Miller, Junior, Natural Resources
  • Coy Adam Schroder, Senior, Engineering
  • Emma N Shivler, Sophomore, Agr-Food & Nat Resources
  • Alden Thomas Smith, Senior, Arts & Science
  • Erin Leigh Smith, Senior, Education
  • Zachary Sethman Smith, Senior, Business
  • Amye Renee Torgerson, Senior, Arts & Science
  • Ian Michael Trantham, Sophomore, Arts & Science
  • Britney Jenae Ward, Junior, Health Professions


  • Chandler Logan Robertson, Senior, 
  • Garrett Thomas Romines, Senior, 

Enrollment or Degree information for a University of Missouri student or alumni can be verified by contacting the National Student Clearinghouse at (703) 742-4200. Please note: Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, the University of Missouri cannot release confidential information from a student's academic record to anyone without the student's written permission (certain exceptions are noted here).