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The News Bureau is the media relations office for the University of Missouri. The Office of the Registrar provides the information for the Deans' and Graduation Lists, which the News Bureau posts on our web site and sends to media. If you have any questions or concerns about the accuracy of the list, please contact your school or college. MU's schools and colleges.


  • Bradley Rees Copeland, Freshman, Natural Resources

Carl Junction

  • Caroline Lanae Adams, Freshman, Health Professions
  • Bryce Laseter Boyd, Freshman, Arts & Science
  • Anna Elizabeth Crider, Freshman, Arts & Science
  • Claire Rachelle Prather, Senior, Natural Resources


  • Barry Joel Wood, Freshman, Business


  • Jonathan Wade Batchelor, Senior, Engineering
  • Benjamin Foster Davis, Senior, Engineering
  • Atryino Andreas Dolon, Senior, Engineering
  • Tyler Spencer Howrey, Freshman, Engineering
  • Taylor Renee Kaempfe, Freshman, Human Environment Science
  • Andrea Rose Westhoff, Senior, Journalism
  • Michael McKinley York, Junior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources


  • David William Calandro, Junior, Natural Resources
  • Tyler Alan Culp, Sophomore, Engineering
  • Bryce W Dailey, Senior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources
  • Kelsea Marie Doran, Senior, Health Professions
  • Kenzie Elizabeth Doran, Sophomore, Health Professions
  • Caroline Nicole Haynes, Junior, Arts & Science
  • Lydia Anne McAllister, Junior, Journalism
  • Chanci Ujean McGowen, Freshman, Human Environment Science
  • Spenser Thomas Newman, Senior, Engineering
  • Taryn Mariah Parker, Freshman, Arts & Science
  • Amanda Vey Schilling, Freshman, Health Professions
  • Katie Noelle Spieckermann, Sophomore, Arts & Science
  • Blake Anthony Splitter, Junior, Arts & Science
  • Brandon Allen Splitter, Freshman, Engineering
  • Emily Elaine Watson, Sophomore, Nursing
  • Jael Rebecca Suzanne Watson, Freshman, Arts & Science
  • Aren Joseph Wells, Sophomore, Engineering
  • Avery Owen Wells, Senior, Engineering

Webb City

  • Katherine Elizabeth Arnold, Junior, Arts & Science
  • Naquesha Chante Combs, Senior, Arts & Science
  • Madeleine Faith Engelbrecht, Sophomore, Arts & Science
  • Hannah Christine Feagan, Freshman, Arts & Science
  • Alexandra Nicole Gardner, Sophomore, Nursing
  • Kyle Paul Handley, Junior, Education
  • Kylie Suzanne Kollmeier, Freshman, Human Environment Science
  • Hannah Lynn Smith, Junior, Journalism

Enrollment or Degree information for a University of Missouri student or alumni can be verified by contacting the National Student Clearinghouse at (703) 742-4200. Please note: Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, the University of Missouri cannot release confidential information from a student's academic record to anyone without the student's written permission (certain exceptions are noted here).