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The News Bureau is the media relations office for the University of Missouri. The Office of the Registrar provides the information for the Deans' and Graduation Lists, which the News Bureau posts on our web site and sends to media. If you have any questions or concerns about the accuracy of the list, please contact your school or college. MU's schools and colleges.


  • Shaye Elizabeth Adams, Senior, Journalism
  • Emily Katherine Donald, Freshman, Arts & Science
  • James Alan McCormick, Sophomore, Engineering

Grand Island

  • Katrina Noel Molholm, Senior, Journalism


  • Margaret Ann Konz, Junior, Journalism


  • Johanna Liisa Bryan, Senior, Engineering
  • Matthew Scott Delisi, Junior, Arts & Science
  • Richard C English, Sophomore, Arts & Science
  • Brandon Tanner Kroos, Freshman, Journalism


  • Anna Marie Elliott, Sophomore, Natural Resources
  • Ashley Nicole Gaines, Sophomore, Business
  • Linnea Ann Hardin, Senior, Health Professions
  • Eric Michael Hilt, Senior, Journalism
  • Sarah Elizabeth Hollins, Senior, Journalism
  • Martha Rose Holstein, Sophomore, Arts & Science
  • Elizabeth Anne Johnson, Senior, Journalism
  • Brady Thomas Kirkpatrick, Freshman, Arts & Science
  • Kathryn Frances Luedke, Junior, Arts & Science
  • Brigit Colleen Mahoney, Freshman, Journalism
  • Jasmine Marie McCain, Senior, Arts & Science
  • Anne Marie McClay, Senior, Arts & Science
  • Melissa Rae Mech, Freshman, Health Professions
  • Colette Noelle Rector, Junior, Journalism
  • Karlie Rae Schaphorst, Freshman, Journalism
  • Taylor Nicole Schmelder, Junior, Health Professions
  • Michael James Sojka, Junior, Journalism
  • Kacy Dakota Thurman, Freshman, Health Professions
  • Zoe Elizabeth Ursick, Sophomore, Journalism
  • Emily Madeline Wilson, Junior, Health Professions


  • Kassie Leah Starkey, Senior, Agr-Food & Nat Resources


  • Kara Jane Kostal, Senior, Journalism
  • Allison Beth Mikesell, Freshman, Business
  • Ryan Gregory Skinner, Freshman, Arts & Science


  • Taylor Ayn Barth, Senior, Journalism


  • John Montgomery Spackler, Senior, Health Professions

Enrollment or Degree information for a University of Missouri student or alumni can be verified by contacting the National Student Clearinghouse at (703) 742-4200. Please note: Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, the University of Missouri cannot release confidential information from a student's academic record to anyone without the student's written permission (certain exceptions are noted here).