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International, National, State and Hometown Media Coverage

Selected Weekly News Placements
Based on press releases disseminated from MU’s News Bureau, the following news placements about Mizzou recently appeared in international, national, state and online media outlets.
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In September 2018, more than 135.3 million people had the opportunity to view positive stories about MU in more than 222 placements.


Mizzou is one of only two Southeastern Conference universities to experience double-digit growth in new freshmen, while several institutions saw declines in their incoming classes this fall.
Featured placement: Columbia Daily Tribune
Stories about this announcement appeared in 17 national and regional media outlets; reaching nearly 6 million people.

University of Missouri Extension received $500,000 to expand fall prevention programs that will help 6,000 older adults decrease their fear of falling, build muscle and increase bone density.
Featured placement: US News and World Report
Stories about this grant appeared in 44 media outlets; reaching 27.4 million people.

Isa Jahnke and Michele Kroll, researchers in the College of Education, found that student group interactions are a key factor in an individual’s ability to determine if an online source is true or not.
Featured placement: The Chronicle of Higher Education.
Stories about this research appeared in more than eight media outlets; reaching more than 5.1 million people.

Debbie Dougherty, professor of communication in the College of Arts and Science, found that the unemployed tend to talk about their struggle in terms of food.
Featured placement: Futurity
Stories about this research appared in more than 10 media outlets, reaching more than 6.6 million people.

J. David Robertson, Executive Director of the MU Research Reactor, discusses the value and accomplishments of the reactor and looks brightly toward the future.
Featured placement: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

#MizzouMade Highlights:

Alec Lewis, a senior in the Missouri School of Journalism, is already making a name for himself as a sports journalist. He currently covers Mizzou for The Athletic, a popular sports outlet.
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More than 21,000 people have had the opportunity to read this story and more than 1,327 liked or shared the story on social media.

Alli Mowrers, a senior health sciences student from Kennett, Missouri, is a fourth-generation Missouri Tiger. The Mowrers family shared their story with Student Affairs.
Read more: Family legacy
More than 1,090 people liked or shared this story on social media.

Other Campus Feature Highlight:

MUPD provided tips to campus community about scooter safety on campus. More than 360 people liked or shared this story on social media. All MUPD social media posts were shared or liked more than 1,251 times.