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International, National, State and Hometown Media Coverage

Selected Weekly News Placements
Based on press releases disseminated from MU’s News Bureau, the following news placements about Mizzou recently appeared in international, national, state and online media outlets.
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During the past month, more than 116 million people have had the opportunity to view positive stories about MU in more than 150 placements.

Mizzou announces scholarship options to attract out-of-state students

Celebrating 100 days in office, University of Missouri Chancellor Alexander Cartwright announced two new scholarship efforts to bring more students to Mizzou. The first change is to a scholarship fund that offers extra dollars to out-of-state students who are the children of alumni.
Read the story in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. (#33 U.S. newspaper, 4.1 million unique visitors per month)

MU leaders announce ROTC scholarships that will expand higher education access and affordability

In celebration of Veterans Week activities, University of Missouri Chancellor Alexander Cartwright and Lt. Col. Gary Kerr, professor of military science and leadership and department head for the University Army ROTC, will announce a new scholarship program at Mizzou.
Read the story at The San Francisco Chronicle (22.2 million unique visitors per month)

For Older Adults, Volunteering Could Improve Brain Function

Christine Proulx, an associate professor of human development and family science, has identified a significant association between volunteering and higher levels of cognitive functioning in older adults. She says volunteering could help adults protect their mental functioning.
Read the story in the Express (#3 U.K. newspaper; 11.4 million unique visitors per month)

Deeper understanding of ISIS propaganda can help in the fight against terrorism

Douglas Wilbur, a retired major in the U.S. Army and a doctoral student in the School of Journalism, is continuing the fight against ISIS by studying the Islamic militant organization’s propaganda texts and communication strategies. His work could help the military in the fight against terrorism.
Read the story in Futurity (The AAU’s research news platform; 1 million unique visitors per month)

Specialized communication narratives help couples deal with miscarriage, MU study finds

Haley Horstman, an assistant professor of interpersonal and family communication, examined how men also have to cope with their partner’s miscarriage and how married couples can use “communicated perspective-taking” to cope.
Read the story at MissouriNet (syndicated radio program that is distributed to more than 60 Missouri radio outlets)