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Experts available to the media for stories related to flooding in the Midwest

May 21, 2019

Severe flooding that has impacted northwest Missouri and communities along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers will go on for some time due to continued snowmelt and heavy rain. Hundreds of Missouri families have already lost their homes, crops have been damaged and compromised levees have left more communities at risk. Universities across the UM System offer the following experts for the media for stories concerning the recent flooding.  Full Story
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Estrogen receptors might hold key in obesity prevention

New research from the University of Missouri identifies potential therapies for metabolic disease associated with diet and exercise

May 20, 2019

Despite countless fad diets, both obesity and metabolic diseases continue to plague communities across the U.S. Now, researchers from the University of Missouri believe that the clue to treatment might be related to estrogen – for both men and women.  Full Story
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