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MU to train health librarians to serve in rural and underserved communities

12 trained health librarians will be embedded in their own communities throughout the Midwest

Aug. 15, 2019

Now, researchers at the University of Missouri are addressing this issue with a grant award of more than $500,000 to train and embed health librarians into underserved and rural communities in the Midwest. Twelve “Catalysts for Community Health” librarians will receive financial support to complete the program.  Full Story
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New method rapidly detects invisible dangers to food

MU researchers’ biosensor can detect a small presence of salmonella in food in just hours

Aug. 14, 2019

When food is recalled due to contamination from bacteria such as salmonella, one may wonder how a tainted product ended up on store shelves. New technology being developed at the University of Missouri could give retailers and regulators an earlier warning on dangers in food, improving public health and giving consumers peace of mind.  Full Story
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