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Rethinking school suspensions: School climate offers a clue

Improvements in school climate can reduce suspension rates by 10 percent, MU study finds

Dec. 12, 2018

A 2012 study by the Everyone Graduates Center at John Hopkins University found that when a high school freshman receives a single suspension, their chances of dropping out of school can increase by a third. Furthermore, only 49 percent of students with three or more suspensions graduate high school. That’s nearly a flip of a coin on whether a student receives a diploma or not.  Full Story
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Buzz! Slap! Ow! Taking the virus out of a mosquito’s bite

MU researchers are getting a deeper understanding how mosquito-borne viruses infect the mosquito - an important step toward eliminating the transmission of mosquito-borne diseases

Dec. 11, 2018

They approach with the telltale sign – a high-pitched whine. It’s a warning that you are a mosquito’s next meal. But that mosquito might carry a virus, and now the virus is in you. Now, with the help of state-of-the-art technology, researchers at the University of Missouri can see how a virus moves within a mosquito’s body, which could lead to the prevention of mosquitoes transmitting diseases.     Full Story
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