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Pine woodland restoration creates haven for birds in Midwest, MU study finds

June 25, 2019

Researchers from the University of Missouri have shown in a new study that restoration of pine woodlands, through the combined use of intentional, managed fires and strategic thinning of tree density, has a strikingly beneficial effect on a diverse array of birds, some of which are facing sharp declines from human-driven impacts like climate change and habitat loss.  Full Story
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50 years of Summer Welcome helps incoming students feel at home

For the past 50 years, the University of Missouri has welcomed incoming freshmen to a robust, two-day program to learn what it means to be a Tiger

June 24, 2019

Two years ago, Hunter Pendleton approached the Summer Welcome check-in desk as a hopeful freshman, unaware of just how the University of Missouri would play a role in his love for telling stories. Now, as a junior documentary journalism major and student coordinator for Summer Welcome, Pendleton knows he is right where he belongs — earning a degree in what he loves and helping other students discover that same path.  Full Story
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