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AAU Campus Climate Report Commends Universities on Actions Taken to Combat Sexual Misconduct

University of Missouri’s Green Dot program, Office for Civil Rights & Title IX are highlighted in the report

April 26, 2017

Following a comprehensive survey in 2015, the Association of American Universities released a report today highlighting actions that member universities have taken in the past two years to combat sexual misconduct on their campuses. The report specifically highlights the Green Dot program and the Office for Civil Rights & Title IX at the University of Missouri as examples of programs that are working.  Full Story

Media Portrayal of Public Shooters Can Perpetuate Stereotypes

Study highlights need for journalists to examine implicit bias when reporting on shootings

April 26, 2017

As the pervasiveness of media reports on public shootings increase, the way in which media cover these violent stories can have broad social implications, including the creation and perpetuation of racial and mental health stereotypes. For example, research shows that 54 percent of participants who read a story about a mass shooting believe all people with mental illnesses are dangerous, compared to only 40 percent of participants who did not read the mass shooting story. Now, researchers from the University of Missouri School of Journalism have found that media portrayals of public shooters vary based on the race of the shooter, regardless of the circumstances of the shooting.  Full Story
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