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National, State and Hometown Media Coverage

Selected Weekly News Placements
Week of Sept. 15, 2014

The University of Missouri was selected as the first research partner for “The Hidden Treasure of Rome” project. The city of Rome; the Capitoline Museums, the first public museum in the world; and Enel Green Power North America, a renewable energy company have started the project, which will bring thousands of historical artifacts to MU to be studied, restored, categorized and catalogued. Some of the artifacts are more than 2,500 years old.
09/15/14   New York Times
09/15/14   Associated Press (via the Kansas City Star)
09/15/14   Columbia Tribune
09/15/14   KBIA
09/16/14   KTRS (FM) – St. Louis
09/16/14   KCTV (CBS) – Kansas City
*Stories about this project have run in more than 50 international, national and state media outlets
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The Wall Street Journal spoke with Rob Weagley, associate professor and chair of the Department of Personal Financial Planning, about students moving into financial professions.
09/11/14   Wall Street Journal (#1 most read newspaper)

Sean Goggins, assistant professor in the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies, developed and validated a software program that analyzes event-based tweets and measures the context of tweets.
08/28/14   Yahoo!News India
08/27/14   ScienceDaily (#2 most visited science news website)
08/27/14 (#9 most visited science news website)
08/27/14 (#27 most visited science news website)
08/27/14   Reddit
*Stories about this research appeared in more than 60 international, national, state and online media outlets
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The University of Missouri is celebrating its 175th anniversary with a week-long series of events Sept. 15 – 19, culminating in the inauguration of R. Bowen Loftin as MU’s 22nd chief executive officer.
09/11/14   Columbia Daily Tribune
09/11/14   KFRU-AM (Radio) – Columbia, MO (1)
09/14/14   KPLA-FM (Radio) – Columbia, MO (5)
09/15/14   Associated Press
09/15/14   St Louis Post-Dispatch
09/14/14   KOMU-TV (NBC) – Columbia, MO (4)
09/15/14   KFVS-TV (CBS) – Paducha, KY (1)
09/16/14   Columbia Missourian
09/16/14   Columbia Missourian
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On Sept. 11, the University of Missouri and the Missouri National Guard hosted the Theater of War:
Soldiers & Citizens Tour which presented dramatic readings of Sophocles’ Ajax — an ancient Greek
Tragedy about the suicide of a respected warrior.
09/08/14   KBIA
09/08/14   Associated Press
09/03/14   Columbia Daily Tribune
09/08/14   St. Louis Post-Dispatch
09/08/14   Jefferson City News Tribune
09/08/14   Maryville Daily Forum
09/09/14   Missourian
09/11/14 KFRU’s Columbia Morning with David Lile
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