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National, State and Hometown Media Coverage

Selected Weekly News Placements
Weeks of Oct. 7 and Oct. 13, 2014

Connie Brooks, an assistant professor in the School of Health Professions and in the Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders, and Melissa Maras, an assistant professor in the College of Education, have developed and tested an intervention that effectively decreases relational aggression among teen girls.
10/01/14    Asia News International (international wire news service)
10/06/14    UK Daily Mail (#2 U.K. newspaper, 2.14 million daily circulation)
10/01/14    ScienceDaily (#2 most visited science news website)
10/01/14    EurekAlert (#9 most visited science news website)
10/02/14    PsychCentral  (#15 most visited health blog)
10/02/14    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (#34 U.S. newspaper, 198,469 daily circulation)
10/03/14    Elle  (#28 U.S. magazine, 285,095 single copy circulation)
10/08/14    Marie Claire (#33 U.S. magazine, 253,327 single copy circulation)
10/07/14    USA Today  (#3 U.S. newspaper, 1.67 million daily circulation)
10/07/14    WTSP-TV (Tampa Bay/Sarasota, FL) (#14 U.S. television market)
10/07/14    WZZM-TV (Grand Rapids, MI) (#39 U.S. television market)
10/07/14    KTVU-TV (San Jose, CA) (#6 U.S. television market)
10/07/14    WSOC-TV (Charlotte, NC) (#25 U.S. television market)
10/07/14    WLWT-TV (Cincinnati, Ohio) (#35 U.S. television market)
10/08/14    WGN-TV Chicago, IL (#3 U.S. television market)
10/08/14    WTXF-TV(FOX) Philadelphia, PA (#4 U.S. television market)
*Stories about this research have appeared in more than 60 international, national and state media outlets.
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Reid Smeda, professor of plant sciences at the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR), is studying ways to manage weeds at railroad crossings that obstruct drivers’ vision. The weeds can be difficult to kill because railroads cannot indiscriminately spray herbicides around tracks that are close to yards, areas where crops grow or ditches where the chemicals could pool and seep into the groundwater.
10/08/14    Ag Day (120 placements)
10/08/14    KFVS-TV Paducah, KY
10/09/14    KGET-TV Bakersfield, CA
10/09/14    KVN-TV Redding, CA (2)
10/09/14    KPVI-TV Idaho Falls, ID (3)
10/09/14    WBBJ-TV Jackson, TN (2)
10/09/14    WGEM-TV Quincy, IL
10/09/14    KEYC-TV Mankato, MN (2)
10/09/14    WJHG-TV Panama City, FL (2)
10/09/14    KWQC-TV Davenport, IA (2)
10/09/14    RFD-TV (2)
10/08/14    KTVO-TV Kirksville, MO
10/08/14    KRCG-TV Columbia, MO
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Mary Fagan, an assistant professor in the Department of Communication Science and Disorders in the School of Health Professions, found infant vocalizations are primarily motivated by infants’ ability to hear their own babbling. Additionally, infants with profound hearing loss who received cochlear implants to help correct their hearing soon reached the vocalization levels of their hearing peers, putting them on track for language development.
09/25/14    Toronto Telegraph
09/25/14    Asia News International (syndicated news service throughout Asia)
09/24/14    Times of India
09/23/14 (#7 most visited health blog)
09/24/14    Fox News (#13 U.S. cable network, 100,400,000 subscribers; #9 most visited news website)
09/25/14    Parents (circulation of more than 2 million)
09/25/14    Science Daily (#2 most visited science news website)
10/10/14    HealthDay (HealthDay stories are featured on more than 5,000 websites and are syndicated by The New York Times, Yahoo! News, BusinessWeek, US News & World Report, and more than 100 Gannett newspapers)
10/10/14    U.S. News & World Report
10/10/14    Philadelphia Inquirer (#15 U.S. newspaper, 325,291 daily circulation)
*Stories about this research appeared in more than 75 international, national, online and state media outlets
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The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded $1 million in two grants to the University of Missouri to install a supercomputer enabling data-intensive research and education at MU in fields such as bioinformatics, geoinformatics, high performance computing and engineering applications. The grants also will fund the position of a cyberinfrastructure (CI) engineer at MU.                 
9/26/14    EurekAlert (#8 most visited science news website and #43 most visited science blog)
10/3/14    Associated Press
10/3/14    Kansas City Star (#36 U.S. newspaper, 189,283 daily circulation)
10/3/14    St Louis Post-Dispatch (#40 U.S. newspaper, 167,199 daily circulation)
10/3/14    Miami Herald (#47 U.S. newspaper, 147,130 daily circulation)
10/3/14    Raleigh News & Observer (#59 U.S. newspaper, 123,258 daily circulation)
*Stories about this research appeared in more than 85 international, national, online and state media outlets
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