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Week of April 21, 2014

Gretchen Carlisle, a research fellow at the Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction in the College of Veterinary Medicine, studied dog ownership decisions in families of children with autism. Carlisle interviewed 70 parents of children with autism who were patients at the Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders. She found, regardless of whether they owned dogs, the parents reported the benefits of dog ownership included companionship, stress relief and opportunities for their children to learn responsibility.
04/15/14          United Press International (Top 100 news outlet)
04/15/14          Times of India  (#3 international newspaper)
04/15/14 (#6 most visited science news website)
04/15/14          U.S. News & World Report (Top 100 news outlet)
04/15/14          Psych Central (#15 most visited health blog)
04/15/14 (Yahoo! is the #1 news website)
04/16/14 (#2 most visited health news website)
04/16/14          Health Day (HealthDay stories are featured on more than 5,000 websites and are 
                        syndicated by The New York Times, Yahoo! News, BusinessWeek, US News & 
                        World Report, and more than 100 Gannett newspapers)
*Stories about this research appeared in more than 100 international, national and regional news outlets
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Frank Booth, a professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine, has found a potential link between the genetic pre-disposition for high levels of exercise motivation and the speed at which mental maturation occurs.
04/09/14          New York Times (#3 most read newspaper)
04/09/14          Yahoo! News (#1 most read news website)
04/09/14          Men’s Fitness (#88 U.S. magazine)
04/11/14          Parade Magazine
04/16/14          New York Daily News (#7 U.S. newspaper)
04/16/14          Outside Magazine
04/17/14          Medical News Today (#2 most read health news website)
04/17/14          KLIF-AM Dallas, TX (2) (#5 U.S. radio market)
04/17/14          WJBK-TV Detroit, MI (#11 U.S. television market)
04/17/14          Huffington Post (#7 most read news website)
04/17/14          ABC News Radio
04/17/14          KGMI-AM – Seattle, WA (2) (#13 U.S. television market)
04/17/14          KGO-AM – San Francisco, CA (#6 U.S. television market)
04/17/14          WDBO-FM – Orlando, FL (#19 U.S. television market)
04/17/14          WINS-AM – New York, NY (2) (#1 U.S. radio market)
04/17/14          106.7-FM – Atlanta, GA (#8 U.S. radio market)
04/17/14          KSL-FM – Salt Lake City, UT (2) (#32 U.S. radio market)
04/17/14          KOMO-AM – Seattle, WA (#13 U.S. television market)
04/18/14          WGN-TV Chicago, IL (#3 U.S. television market)
*Stories about this research appeared in more than 30 international, national and regional news outlets
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Colleen Galambos, professor of social work in the College of Human Environmental Sciences, says conversations about death and end-of-life wishes should happen sooner, before life-threatening medical episodes occur.
04/17/14          St. Louis Post-Dispatch
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Rodney Uphoff, professor in the School of Law, was interviewed about the ongoing trial in South Africa involving Olympian sprinter Oscar Pistorius.
04/11/14          Arise TV (4 stories)
04/11/14          ESPN (4 stories)

James Schiffbauer, assistant professor of geological sciences in the College of Arts and Science, found rare, 500-million-year-old fossilized embryos. The MU research team’s methods of study may help with future interpretations of evolutionary history.
04/15/14 (#30 most visited news website)
04/16/14 (#17 most visited science news website)
*Stories about this research appeared in more than 225 other international, national and regional media outlets
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Mizzou Botanic Garden hosted P. Allen Smith, TV host, author, and gardening and lifestyle expert, who participated in the celebration of President Thomas Jefferson’s birthday and other gardening events on campus.
04/12/14          Columbia Missourian
04/14/14          Columbia Daily Tribune
04/14/14          KBIA
04/15/14          Columbia Missourian
04/20/14          Columbia Daily Tribune
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