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Financial Incentives Could Conserve Tropical Forest Diversity

In a first of its kind study, Mizzou researchers find landowners receiving payments are decreasing deforestation, maintaining biodiversity

July 27, 2017

The past few decades have seen the rise of global incentive programs offering payments to landowners to help reduce tropical deforestation. Until now, assessments of these programs have largely overlooked decreases in forest diversity. In what might be a first of its kind study, University of Missouri researchers have integrated forest imaging with field-level inventories and landowner surveys to assess the impact of conservation payments in Ecuador’s Amazon Basin forests. They found that conservation payment programs are making a difference in the diversity of tree species in protected spaces. Further, the species being protected are twice as likely to be of commercial timber value and at risk of extinction.  Full Story
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Investigation of Possible Misappropriation of Funds

July 25, 2017

This afternoon, the University of Missouri referred a case of possible misappropriation of funds by a former staff member to the MU Police Department for further investigation. The case involves suspected misappropriation of funds from student organization accounts affiliated with Greek Life. These are not university accounts, but instead are external to the university. The […]  Full Story

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