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Ability to Navigate Between Cultures is Good for Mexican-American Youth

Biculturalism is positively associated with prosocial behaviors such as helping others and self-esteem

Feb. 10, 2016

Approximately 40 million foreign-born persons, representing about 13 percent of the population live in the United States. Many Latino immigrants find it best to maintain their cultures and identities while acclimating to mainstream American culture, thereby becoming bicultural. New research from the University of Missouri points to biculturalism as an indicator of positive self-evaluation and prosocial tendencies, such as empathy towards others, for Mexican-American youth.  Full Story
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Overconfidence, Loss Aversion are Key Predictors for Investment Mistakes

Study provides financial planners with indicators for clients who may want to sell low in a down market

Feb. 10, 2016

The recent stock market decline from its high point has caused concerns for many investors who are affected by short-term market trends. However, experts say now is an important time for investors to remember that many mistakes can be made in this economic environment. In a new study, a personal financial planning expert from the University of Missouri has identified several risk factors for people who are more likely to make investment mistakes during a down market. Rui Yao, an associate professor of personal financial planning in the MU College of Human Environmental Sciences, has identified overconfidence as a key factor causing people to make common investment mistakes.  Full Story
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