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Lifelong Physical Activity Increases Bone Density in Men

High-impact exercise during adolescence and young adulthood is linked to greater bone mass in middle-aged men

Feb. 11, 2016

Men have many reasons to add high-impact and resistance training to their exercise regimens; these reasons include building muscle and shedding fat. Now a University of Missouri researcher has determined another significant benefit to these activities: building bone mass. The study found that individuals who continuously participated in high-impact activities, such as jogging and tennis, during adolescence and young adulthood, had greater hip and lumbar spine bone mineral density than those who did not.  Full Story
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Ability to Navigate Between Cultures is Good for Mexican-American Youth

Biculturalism is positively associated with prosocial behaviors such as helping others and self-esteem

Feb. 10, 2016

Approximately 40 million foreign-born persons, representing about 13 percent of the population live in the United States. Many Latino immigrants find it best to maintain their cultures and identities while acclimating to mainstream American culture, thereby becoming bicultural. New research from the University of Missouri points to biculturalism as an indicator of positive self-evaluation and prosocial tendencies, such as empathy towards others, for Mexican-American youth.  Full Story
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