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Cognitive Behavior Therapy Could be Key for Children with Autism Getting Enough Sleep

Researchers seek subjects to participate in new clinical trial aimed at improving sleep.

Aug. 30, 2016

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a short-term form of therapy that focuses on changing how a person thinks about and reacts to specific situations. Used by therapists for decades, it has been proven effective for treating a number of problems including insomnia. During the therapy, patients usually keep a sleep diary and work with a therapist to identify behaviors that are interfering with sleep. Experts from the University of Missouri believe that a family-based cognitive behavioral therapy may be the key for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who have problems sleeping.  Full Story
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MU Kinder Institute Names Oxford Scholar as New Chair in Constitutional Democracy

Aug. 29, 2016

Officials from the University of Missouri Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy announced today that Jay Sexton, an internationally acclaimed historian, has been named the inaugural Kinder Institute Chair in Constitutional Democracy. Sexton, who will begin his position at MU on Sept. 1, will be leaving his position as lecturer and tutorial fellow at the University of Oxford’s Corpus Christi College and director of the Rothermere American Institute at Oxford, the largest institute outside North America for the study of U.S. politics, history, culture, literature, and international relations.  Full Story
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